FL Locations

Florida has many great locations and a wide variety of Windsurfing options.   These links  will help you to explore and learn about great locations, experience required and the best wind and tide conditions for each location.

Miami & SE Coast

Florida Keys




Maps – The location sites use Google Maps and provide the GPS coordinates that you can use for driving directions.

Windy Season – Florida’s windy season begins in October and runs through April.  We have windy days in the summer months but they aren’t as consistent.  (Great time to Foil!)

Local Forecast – For more information on local forecasts I recommend  https://wind.willyweather.com/  Simply type in the area you are interested in (i.e. Tampa Bay) and the site will provide an accurate forecast for wind, tides, rain, etc.   Connect with the locals for even more information.

Red Tide (Summer only) – Nasty stuff but only an issue in the summer months when the water is warm.  Check out http://myfwc.com/research/redtide/ for more information.

Best Options – The Atlantic coast has the best wave windsurfing options while the Gulf Coast has more expansive bays for freestyle/freeride options.  Of course both coast have a wide variety of options for some of the best windsurfing in the USA.  You can Foil just about anywhere in Florida.

Experience requiredBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced/Expert – I will post warnings for beginners on sites that require caution.  Most locations in Florida are accessible for all levels of Windsurfers but some sites, primarily on the Atlantic Ocean probably aren’t safe for beginners.  The conditions can change rapidly in Florida so SURF SAFE!